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Assessments and Reports

We will be examining the progress of all of our students, after half term, see how they have progressed throughout the year. Assessments will take place between Saturday 12th June – Wednesday 16th June 2021. Teachers will write a report about each child, based on these assessments. Reports will be distributed during the last weeks of term – between Sunday 27th June – Wednesday 7th July.

TOP kids will not have a formal assessment. Teachers will make their own judgements about how well the children have been answering questions and participating in class. In terms of Qaida, their current reading and target level will be recorded. There might be a fun quiz or two, though, to see if any of the children can really impress us.

Qaida students will be asked to revise their surahs and given a couple of quizzes in class to see if they can remember their previous lessons. Tajweed and Khatm students will sit a formal test about the rules of recitation and will read to their teacher.

Islamic Studies students will have a written test, covering a range of topics they have studied throughout the year. iSyllabus students, who are assessed at regular intervals already, will have their usual end of unit test.

It should be noted, that test results do not form the sole basis for our reports. We are looking at the conduct of the students and application of their knowledge, right across the year. The reports are a means for us to help students with the next step of their learning and, insha’Allah, help us make informed decisions about which classes they should take next year.

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