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Zooming to Success

Alhamdulilah, all our teachers have been so proud of our students throughout this challenging year. All our classes switched to a live, online format, using Zoom, and we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of our most successful experiences.

Ustadha Natalie’s TOP Kids pushed through learning the 99 names of Allah, and can now recite over fifty, with pictorial guides and physical gestures. Repetition, consistency and movement have all played a part in making this part of the Zoom classes highly rewarding.

Ustadha Nyla completed the Qaida with no less than four of her students, while we were in lockdown. Masha’Allah, we congratulate them on this landmark moment in their Qur’an studies, and thank Ustadha Nyla and the parents for their dedication and support.

Ustadha May’s Saturday class also made excellent use of online games, through Wordwall. The children were very competitive and we had a lot of positive feedback from parents about how engaged the children were and how much they impressed them with what they had learned.

One of our online quizzes, that make learning fun
One of our online quizzes, that make learning fun.

May Allah (swt) reward all the teachers and students for their efforts. We were very impressed by the level of focus and adaptability of the students, during this time, and pray our successes continue, as we return to TOP.

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