All of our Islamic Studies teachers have practical experience, working with primary-aged children, and bring a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to our Islamic Studies classes. Lessons are tailored to the individual classes’ needs, often involving role play or craft, to engage students in a variety of ways. Every lesson we pray in congregation and give homework.

The Safar Academy series is a widely-used and engaging launchpad for our classes, covering the principles of the Islamic faith, stories of the Prophets (as), names of Allah (swt) and fiqh. Please visit for a snapshot of what the curriculum has to offer.

Class Times:

  • Safar Academy series, Book 3 to 6 – Wednesday from 6.00pm-7.30pm
    • £90 per school term
    • Can be combined with Qur’an – £260 per school term

Books available for purchase:

  • Safar Book 3 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 3 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 4 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 4 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 5 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 5 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 6 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 6 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 7 Textbook £15
  • Safar Book 7 Workbook £15