Our Sunday school is for students who wish to benefit from studying Qur’an and Islamic Studies in a single weekend session. Students have a 15-minute break between Qur’an and Islamic Studies, and should bring their own snacks.

In Qur’an classes, new students to Arabic, of all ages, begin with studying the Qaida, working in small groups of similar abilities, with no more than a 1:8 teacher:pupil ratio. They will have individual time with their teacher and have homework each week. Upon celebrating their completion of the Qaida with a good level of confidence reading Qur’anic Arabic, students progress into our Tajweed class. They read from the mus’haf, focussing on Juzz Amma, are taught the rules of recitation and some tafsir, before moving onto reading their Khatm.

In Islamic Studies, we are reading Safar Academy curriculum Books 3 to 6, tailoring lessons to the style and needs of each individual class. Sessions often involve role play or craft, we pray in congregation and sometimes give homework. The Safar Academy curriculum is a widely-used and engaging resource, covering the principles of the Islamic faith, stories of the Prophets (as), names of Allah (swt) and fiqh. Please visit for a snapshot of what the curriculum has to offer.

Students over 11 years of age study our iSyllabus programme for Islamic Studies. The iSyllabus for Schools is a highly recommended five-year programme, encouraging students to explore their faith at a much deeper and more mature level. Open class discussions are central to each topic, and students can feel comfortable they are in a safe space to ask questions about the subjects and issues that they will encounter in modern day Britain. Please visit to find out more about this exciting course.

Class Times:

  • Sunday from 9.30am-12.30pm (with a 15 minute break – children bring their own snack)
    • £210 per school term

Books available for purchase:

  • Qaida £5
  • Juzz Amma FREE

Students are expected to use their own mus’haf, at Khatm level.

  • Safar Book 3 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 3 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 4 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 4 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 5 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 5 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 6 Textbook £5
  • Safar Book 6 Workbook £5
  • Safar Book 7 Textbook £15
  • Safar Book 7 Workbook £15
  • iSyllabus Workbook 1 £15
  • iSyllabus Workbook 2 £15
  • iSyllabus Workbook 3 £15
  • iSyllabus Workbook 4 £15