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Hijri Hike

Hijri Hike leaderboard
Hijri Hike leaderboard.

Hijri Hike Ramadan 1443

The Hijrah (emigration) from Mecca to Madinah took place 1443 years ago and was one of the key events in the seerah (biography) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). What better way for our students to learn about this than to do it themselves? The total distance between Mecca and Madinah is approximately 450km. Over the entire month of Ramadan some of our students (either collectively with their family, or individually) were sponsored to walk this distance and raise money for the TOP building works. This equated to around 15km per day, during the fasting period! 

This fundraiser Hijra Hike aimed to get us active and out in the great outdoors, enjoying quality time with our loved ones, walking in the footsteps of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and learning about his seerah/ biography, all while raising money for a great cause. Students tracked their progress by moving their named camel along the map on the academy notice board, so we could see how everyone was getting on. 

On Saturday 7th May we had a 5km Grand Finale walk as a group, with checkpoints to explain the significant events that occured along the hijrah journey. Well done to our highest muhajjirin, Mohsin, who earned £250 for the project. It was a beautiful day to picnic with our community, and we are looking forward to holding more events of this kind in future, insha’Allah.

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